The operation Oddysey Dawn is one of the most accurate and detailed add ons created for the game, it focus on the NATO operations over Libya 2011. The following countries and aircraft are flyable:

  • France: Rafale C , Rafale M , Super Etendard, Mirage 2000D , Mirage 2000N , Mirage 2000-5F , Mirage F-1CR , Gazelle , Tigre (Optional)
  • UK: Tornado, Typhoon, Apache
  • USA: F-16, F-15, B-2, Harrier
  • The Netherlands: F-16
  • Denmark: F-16
  • Belgium: F-16
  • Norway: F-16
  • Canada: CF-18
  • Spain: C-15(M)
  • Italy: Tornado ECR, AMX, Harrier, F-16
  • UAE: Mirage 2000-9 , F-16
  • Sweden: JAS-39 Gripen

Carrier operations are supported from the aircraft carriers:

  • R-91 Charles de Gaulle 
  • C-551 Garibaldi
  • USS Kearsage

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